Louisa Minghella


Louisa joined The Soho Agency in 2022 as a script agent, representing her growing list of writers and directors working across the media industry. She also works with other agents and their authors to sell media rights in their novels and develop their screenwriting skills.

Louisa got her start in production and worked on short film projects We Wants It and Stand Still before moving into representation.

Louisa's list of writers is exclusively composed of people who are under-represented in the media industries, and she is passionate about amplifying the voices and stories of creatives who have historically been marginalised or spoken over. She is a creative agent, working closely with her clients to develop their ideas and make the most of their work. Her tastes are wide and she is looking for the pioneers of representation in modern media. She particularly enjoys complicated characters, genre-blending, comedy-drama, and ambition.

When not working, you can find Louisa at the theatre, a comedy club, or watching telly with a takeaway. She is also a tattoo enthusiast, dog lover, and occasionally, a singer.

You can find Louisa on Twitter @MinghellaLouisa

Louisa Minghella