Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas began his professional life in the editorial department at Futura, on the mean streets of Camberwell. He then became a director of Fraser & Dunlop Scripts, which later merged with A. D. Peters to form The Peters Fraser & Dunlop Group. In 1996 he co-founded LAW with Julian Alexander and Araminta Whitley.


‘My first lesson as a mass-market paperback editor was in the art of manufacture. My next, from a legendary New York-based guru, was warmer and more inspirational: that we should aim to publish the gleam in the author’s eye.


Designing a square peg to fit a square hole obviously has its place in a challenging trading environment, but there’s no point — and little joy — without that gleam. It lies at the heart of the diverse range of national and international bestsellers I’ve represented over the years by truly extraordinary men and women. And whether it be romantic or suspense fiction, compelling memoir, iconic history or edgy humour, story remains paramount. It’s what brought me into this world, and why I’d like to stay.


Delivery systems are changing and multiplying, along with the needs of our audience, so the power and importance of engaging and enlightening narrative is increasing exponentially. Opportunities across the broadening spectrum of the entertainment industry have never been richer, and now, more than ever, I feel a rush of excitement and exhilaration when I find a fresh and resonant proposal which might spark the opportunity to launch or reshape a long-running career.


Taking time out from the creative and entrepreneurial melting pot, I like nothing better than to spend time with my long-suffering family — preferably on a ski slope — and even though my desk is a mess, I can fill a dishwasher with geometric precision.’