Alexis Fleming

Agent: Rowan Lawton

Alexis Fleming, 38, grew up in Kilmarnock and studied geography at Strathclyde University. She has worked as an animal rights campaigner and in 2013 she started a charity called Pounds for Poundies to help rescue unclaimed dogs from being put down which raised £10K in its first week. She’s a committed vegan and, as well as the hospice, she also runs the Karass Sanctuary where she cares for neglected and terminally ill farm animals, many of which have been saved from the slaughterhouse. Alexis’s story has been covered by ITV, the BBC and has featured in The Sun and the Guardian. A short documentary called Crannog about the hospice premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and has been shown around the world. It was recently shortlisted for ‘outstanding non-fiction short film’ and is up for an award in New York this month (February 2020). Last year Alexis was featured in BBC Three’s ‘Amazing Humans’ series and a clip of her went viral.

Her debut book No Life Too Small (Quercus, 2021) is the joyful and inspiring story of the world's first animal hospice, celebrating the power and beauty of nature, the strength of the human and animal spirit, and the importance of love, friendship and community. It will leave you with a tear in your eye, a smile on your face and a renewed belief in human kindness.

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