David Boyle

David Boyle is a fellow of the New Economics Foundation, a pioneering think-tank based in London.  He has written for many national newspapers and magazines, stood for Parliament and been the Editor of New Economics, Radical Economics, Town & Country Planning and Liberal Democrat News.  His books include Blondel's Song (Penguin, 2006) , which tells the tale of Richard I's extraordinary journey back from the Crusades and The Tyranny of Numbers (Perennial, 2010), an erudite and fun look at how man tries to measure the immeasurable. 

David's Broke (Fourth Estate, 2014) is a critically acclaimed account of the economic and social realities of being middle class in a world where 0.1% of the people now have all of the money.

Tickbox (Little Brown, 2020) is a powerful expose of tickbox culture: an insidious philosophy of automation and the misuse of data that weighs heavily on every one of us, and suggests a series of ways out.

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