David Churchill
Agent(s): Julian Alexander

David Churchill is the pseudonym of an award-winning investigative journalist who has conducted many in-depth interviews with a wide ranging host of celebrities, including politicians, entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes, actors and musicians. His reporting spans scandals across Wall-Street, Hollywood studios and corruption in sports. In addition to his journalism, he has also edited four magazines and published a total of seventeen books, some of which have been translated into around twenty languages.

His Leopards of Normandy trilogy (Headline), DevilDuke and Conqueror, reflects his passion for history and the extraordinary people who have shaped the world we live in. The trilogy charts the rise of Robert the Devil and his son William the Conqueror as they seize power in Normandy, across Europe, and finally in Britain in all its wild, intoxicating, unfailingly dramatic glory.

He has also co-authored the number one international bestseller War Cry (HarperCollins, 2017), part of the Courtney series, with Wilbur Smith. Following the success of War Cry Churchill also co-wrote Courtney’s War (Zaffre, 2018) which continues the story of our heroes Saffron Courtney and Gerhard von Meerback as they fight to keep their love alive during a world at war. In Legacy of War (Zaffre, 2021) Hitler may have lost the war, but the ramifications are still being felt through Europe and Gerhard’s Nazi brother, Konrad, is still free and determined to regain power…