Dr Ben Cave
Agent(s): Mark Lucas
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Dr Ben Cave is a practising general and forensic psychiatrist, medico-legal expert and member of the judiciary. Over a career spanning almost 35 years, he has worked as a prison psychiatrist, community psychiatrist and as a consultant in medium-secure, low-secure and general mental health units.

He has dealt with the whole range of psychiatric conditions, from personality disorders and schizophrenia to addictions and depression, and continues to make challenging judgment calls on when patients are no longer a risk to themselves or others and can be released back into the community.

Dr Ben’s first book, What We Fear Most  takes us on a journey to the heart of the highly emotive environment he works in, putting himself under the microscope as well as his patients. In the process, he allows us to share what they have taught each other, and how it has changed them. To share the psychological battle scars that come with a career on the frontline of our health service. To learn about the brilliant mental health nurses for whom physical injury and verbal abuse are a daily hazard. To learn about ourselves, and what we fear most.