Grace Kitto
Agent(s): Julian Alexander

Twelve years ago, Grace Kitto was a successful TV producer, wife and mother. She was also clinically obese and on the path to Type 2 diabetes until one day when she left work determined to stick to one of her serial diets, but soon found herself eating an ice cream, as if on autopilot. It sparked an epiphany – she realised the solution to her many failed diets lay in her unconscious. In the powerful, instinctual part of her brain.

Saving Grace (September Publishing, 2018) is her funny and courageous memoir of that journey, the questions she posed and discoveries she made within the fields of psychology, neuroscience and biochemistry. She devised her own self-help system, the slow diet, and set to work.

“When is it ever going to change? Every dieter knows the despair of thinking that. When is it going to change? The answer is right here, right now, on this page.”