Khurrum Rahman
Agent(s): Julian Alexander

Born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1975 Khurrum moved to England when he was one. He is a west London boy and now lives in Wraysbury with his wife and two children. Khurrum graduated with BSc Honours and has been working in IT for a Local Authority for over 18 years.

His keen interest in fiction initially drove him to write screenplays and write for an independent film maker. However, his true passion lies in reading crime thrillers which have inspired his current work. He has employed his unique perspective and careful study of great writers to develop a fresh voice that crackles with originality.

His debut novel, East of Hounslow (HQ, 2018), is part one of a gripping spy thriller trilogy that centres on Javid Qasim, a happy-go-lucky small scale dope dealer in West London. When the Security Service identifies him as a potential recruit and the hardliners at his Mosque start thinking he may be useful to them his happy quiet life begins to implode. To complicate matters further, his best friend is now a Detective Inspector in the local police and, rather carelessly, Javid has also managed to lose his new BMW and £10k he owes his psychopathic drug supplier¦

The second novel in the trilogy Homegrown Hero (HQ, 2018) continues the story of our hero Jay Qasim as he attempts to pursue normality. However, his part in sabotaging Ghurfat-Al-Mudarris’ hit on London didn’t pass unnoticed. Imran Siddiqui was trained to kill in Afghanistan by the terrorist cell who saved his life after his home was destroyed by war. The time has finally come to repay them throwing him headlong into the path of Jay Qasim. Now they must decide whose side they’re really on.

The final novel in the trilogy, Ride or Die (HQ, 2020) follows Jay as he is finally out of the game and trying to lay low. But then he gets news that rocks his world and drags up everything that he thought he’d left behind. Jay must break his vow never to work with MI5 again and turn to the person who sold him out. But this time he’s determined to do it on his terms. Imran Siddiqui once tried to kill Jay but now they have a common adversary. The one thing worse than death is watching the people closest to you die. And after the happiest day of Imran’s life becomes the most tragic, he will stop at nothing to take revenge on the people that have taken away his family. But when everyone has their own agenda, who can you really trust?

Khurrum also penned a prequel to East of Hounslow for Quick Reads 2021 titled The Motive (HarperCollins, 2021). Business has been slow for Hounslow’s small time dope-dealer, Jay Qasim. A student house party means quick easy cash but Jay finds himself in the middle of a crime scene. Idris Zaidi, a Police Constable and Jay’s best friend, is having a quiet night when he gets a call out following a noise complaint at a house party and quickly realises that people are in danger after a stabbing. Someone will stop at nothing to get revenge…