Kim Hughes GC

Kim Hughes GC is a British Army bomb disposal expert and is a recipient of the George Cross for his extraordinary acts during the Afghanistan conflict. During deployment he risked his life foregoing protective clothing and defusing bombs manually; he successfully disarmed 119 improvised explosive devices and survived numerous Taliban ambushes.

The back drop to Hughes' memoir the Sunday Times bestselling Painting the Sand (Simon & Schuster, 2017) is the Afghan War, the conflict where the cold courage of the bomb disposal operator rose to national prominence. No other field of warfare offers the chance of a single individual to come so close to his enemy and fight out a battle of wits where losing can mean death. This is one of the best memoirs that will come out of a ten-year struggle to defeat a hidden, and enduring, enemy.

His first novel Operation Certain Death (Simon & Schuster, 2020) introduces bomb-disposal expert, Staff Sergeant Dominic Riley.  After returning from Afghanistan a bomb explodes in a newly designed shopping complex, but this is only the start. The bomb-maker has much bigger plans, and it becomes a race against time to bring down the plot before it's too late. 

Dom Riley returns in Operation Black Key (Simon & Schuster, 2021). Left reeling from the disappearance of his daughter and ex-wife, Staff Sergeant Dom Riley is a haunted man. As Riley decides to make one final push for the truth, it emerges that multiple bombs have been located on board a civilian cruise ship. With little information on the person behind the threat other than the alias BaseHeart, Riley must keep his head together if he has any chance of neutralizing the threat. And it’s not long until the first bomb detonates. But it’s not the journey, nor the bombs themselves, that pose the real danger. In fact, Riley will ultimately learn that the enemy is much closer to home . . .

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