Mike Anderson

Agent: Mark Lucas
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Mike Anderson is a long-standing Managing Director at Coutts and is in the Key Clients Department where he manages the banking affairs of a portfolio of UK clients.

Mike's first book, The Ticket Collector from Belarus: An Extraordinary True Story of Britain's Only War Crimes Trial (S&S, 2022) is co-authored with Neil Hanson and tells the remarkable story of two interwoven journeys. Ben-Zion Blustein and Andrei Sawoniuk were childhood friends in 1930s Domachevo, a holiday and health resort in what is now Belarus. During the events that followed the Nazi invasion in 1941, they became the bitterest of enemies. After the war, Ben-Zion made his way to Israel, and ‘Andrusha the bastard’ to England, where he found work as a British Rail ticket collector in London. They next confronted each other in the Old Bailey, over half a century later, where one was the principal prosecution witness, and the other charged with a fraction of the number of murders he was alleged to have committed.

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