Nicholas Sparks
Agent(s): Julian Alexander

Nicholas Sparks is one of the world’s most beloved storytellers.  All of his books have been New York Times bestsellers, with over 90 million copies sold worldwide, in more than 50 languages, including over 60 million copies in the United States alone.

Sparks wrote one of his best-known stories, The Notebook (Little Brown, 2011), over a period of six months at age 28.  It was published in 1996 by Warner Books. He has written eighteen novels including, A Walk to Remember (Little Brown, 2013), True Believer (Little Brown, 2011) and its sequel, At First Sight (Little Brown, 2012), Dear John (Little Brown, 2007), The Choice (Little Brown, 2010), The Last Song (Little Brown, 2009), and The Longest Ride (Little Brown, 2013) as well as the 2004 non-fiction memoir Three Weeks With My Brother (Little Brown, 2012), co-written with his brother Micah. See Me (Little Brown, 2015) is a stunning story of obsession, reinvention and a love that defies every expectation. Every Breath  (Little Brown, 2018) is a story of two strangers’ paths crossing, and the heart-breaking story their chance encounter sets in motion. It’s a tale that will transcend decades, continents and the workings of fate. The Return (Little Brown, 2020) is a moving novel about an injured army doctor and the two women whose secrets will change the course of his life. Dreamland (Little Brown, 2022), is a poignant love story about risking everything for a dream—and whether it’s possible to leave the past behind.

His upcoming book, Counting Miracles (Little Brown, 2024) is a brand-new emotional and powerful novel about the journeys we take and those who touch our hearts along the way.

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