Paul Winder
Agent(s): Mark Lucas
© Paul Winder

Born in Zambia and raised in Ireland and Essex, Paul had an early start at being an inveterate traveller and explorer. As he grew up life had him switching between being glued to financial market movements on a Bloomberg screen and travelling escapades such as hitch hiking across the Sahara, scaling volcanoes, sailing the Timor Sea then delving into the countryside of Cambodia as Pol Pot’s days came to a close. When funds dried up it was back to the markets and then out again to follow lines on a map.

Some 80 counties of wanderlust later he embarked on a “final” adventure with his friend Tom Hart Dyke, to the mysterious Darien Gap. Things did not go to plan. In this remote jungle the FARC captured and held them hostage for 278 days. His and Tom’s best-selling book The Cloud Garden recounts this survival story.

Still restless, he continued with his adventures – scaling the granite walls of Yosemite; climbing 4000 meter peaks in the Alps as part of the worlds first mountaineering club, the Alpine Club and oil exploration jobs in the Wadi Hadhramaut system of Yemen and the Qattara Depression of Egypt. Carbon trading took Paul into the River Sepik basin of Papua New Guinea, a thriller-esque experience – think Joseph Conrad meets Monty Python meets Lee Child. Though that story might be best kept for a bar-room yarn, with his eyes on the door just in case.

At the moment he’s content with fell running across his local moors in the Peak District National Park and spending time with his wife. Though he never knows when his itchy feet feeling might come and that urge for a “mini” adventure will emerge…