Rosemary Bailey
Agent(s): Julian Alexander

Rosemary Bailey was an award-winning travel writer and journalist.  She was based in the French Pyrenees for many years, and wrote a trilogy of books about a region she grew to love and know intimately. The best-selling Life in a Postcard (Bantam, 2002) described her life in a mountain village, the restoration of a ruined monastery and the history of the monks who once lived there. The Man who Married a Mountain (Bantam, 2005) followed the romantic quest for the sublime of the eccentric 19th century mountaineer, Sir Henry Russell-Killough. Love and War in the Pyrenees (Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 2010), is an investigation of the Second World War in the region, combining her own travels with contemporary interviews, documents and letters.

In 2019, Rosemary sadly passed away, leaving behind a legacy of awe-inspiring writing that continues inspire generations of travellers, especially those that choose travel with a book.