Sara Gibbs
Agent(s): Rowan Lawton
© Juliet McKee Photography

Sara Gibbs is a UK-based comedy writer, graduate of the National Film and Television School’s Writing & Producing Comedy course and prolific tweeter, with over 45,000 followers.

Her broadcast credits include top satirical radio and television shows such as Newsjack, Sketchtopia, Dead Ringers, The News Quiz, The Now Show, The Mash Report and Have I Got News for You.

She is the co-founder of satirical online women’s magazine, Succubus and the founder of The First Laugh Comedy Writing Competition for new writers. She has also written extensively for satirical websites, including CollegeHumor and The Daily Mash.

Having received a late autism diagnosis at the age of 30, Sara uses humour to advocate for a better understanding of autism and neurodivergence.

Sara’s memoir Drama Queen (Headline, 2021) is both a tour inside one autistic brain and a declaration that a diagnosis on the spectrum, with the right support, accommodations and understanding, doesn’t have to be a barrier to life full of love, laughter and success. It is the story of one woman trying to fit into a world that has often tried to reject her and, most importantly, it’s about a life of labels, and the joy of ripping them off one by one.

Her debut novel Eight Bright Lights (Headline,  2023)is a seasonal romcom following the lives of three women over the eight days of Hanukkah. Hannah is stuck – in South Devon and her dead-end job. But when her estranged father dies, she suddenly finds herself in Tel Aviv. With only her insufferable – yet irritatingly sexy – host for company, can she pick up the pieces of her father’s life and make it home in time for her cousin’s wedding? More preoccupied with securing her dream job writing for an iconic fashion magazine, Rachel is already a distracted bride. But when an article unlocks a long-held family secret, will her simple Christmas wedding become much more complicated? Spontaneously quitting her job was not wedding planner Ella’s idea – neither was burning bridges with her terrifying boss. Left with only one client – and no money – how will she pull this wedding together, when everything else is falling apart?