Slutty Cheff
Agent(s): Ben Clark

Slutty Cheff is an anonymous chef and food writer. In her limited time off, she writes (sarcastically, sultrily, and hilariously) about sex, food and being a woman in the male-dominated restaurant world for her 25k+ followers on Instagram. It’s an honest and humbling insight into sixty-hour weeks in a windowless basement, the pompousness of cooking school, chefs that don’t call you back, mental breakdowns, the fetishization of the chef daddy, being the only woman in the chef’s changing room, and having sex smelling like a deep fat fryer.

Slutty started her Instagram page while working full time in a London restaurant. Since then she has gained a loyal following including Lorde, Dolly Alderton, Gizzier Skene, Thomasina Myers, Lily Allen, and some of the biggest food and drink editors, and chefs, in London. She has written pieces and been interviewed for VogueThe Sunday Times, the Evening StandardInterview Magazine, Vittles, Luncheon, Worms, and Slop. She is a columnist for Vogue, publishing her musings on all things food and sex every other week.

Slutty is currently working on her first book but has plans to cater sex parties, direct a porno and write scripts for television. Face reveal at one million Instagram followers.