Chloe Combi

Generation Z Expert, Author, Speaker, Consultant,

Chloe has unparalleled insight into the future – she has interviewed 10,000+ members of Generation Z, wrote the first book on them, has successfully worked with global brands on their future strategies, released a #1 podcast on the lives of global Gen Zs, writes a column for The Telegraph about teenage and family life and is about to turn her attention to the next generation – Generation A!

Nobody has a crystal ball, but Chloe’s work is the next best thing, spotting and explaining future trends across industries, providing a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative data, talking through complex ideas in interesting and entertaining ways and allowing you to get ahead of the curve.

Chloe has some of the world’s most valuable data sets on younger generations, and writes, speaks, analyses and predicts future trends with equal aplomb.