Geraint Jones

Agent: Rowan Lawton
© Matthew Lloyd Videography

Geraint Jones deployed as an infantry soldier on three tours of duty to Iraq and Afghanistan. For his actions in Basra, Geraint was awarded the General Officer Commanding's Commendation. Upon leaving the military, Geraint worked to protect commercial shipping against Somali and Nigerian based piracy before becoming a full-time writer and podcaster.

He has co-written bestsellers on both sides of the Atlantic, including three books with James Patterson. His work with Major Adam Jowett, No Way Out, was a Sunday Times Bestseller. Geraint has his own series of historical fiction novels, and his Afghanistan memoir Brothers In Arms was published in 2019 as well as ghosting a number of other high profile military memoirs. He also hosts a podcast called Veteran State of Mind which looks into the hearts and minds of people – both military and civilian – who have lived through dangerous and extraordinary situations, and come out on the other side.