James Fergusson

Award-winning Journalist And Author

James Fergusson began his award-winning journalism career in 1989 at The Independent and has also written for The Times, The Daily Mail and The Economist. His current affairs reporting spans Europe, North and East Africa, the Far East, the Caribbean, Central Asia, and Afghanistan. During his two years in Sarajevo, he worked as a spokesman for the body charged with implementing the Dayton Peace Accord ending Bosnia's civil war in 1995, The Office of the High Representative. Following this, he spent some time at a London-based corporate intelligence firm. 

Today, he is a regular TV and radio correspondent on Afghanistan and the Taliban, and a bestselling author. His books include Kandahar Cockney (Radio 4 Book of the Week); The Vitamin Murders; A Million Bullets (British Army’s Military Book of the Year and became required reading for many Staff College courses); The Taliban; Inside the World’s Most Dangerous Place (shortlisted for the Orwell Prize 2014 and the Paddy Power Political Book Awards International Book of the Year). His most recent title, Al-Britannia, My Country, is a ground-breaking exploration of the often-misunderstood Muslim communities across the UK.