Mike Parker
Agent(s): Julian Alexander

Mike Parker is a British travel writer, ex stand-up comic, and cultural commentator living a deep rural idyll in Wales. A former Plaid Cymru candidate, he speaks and writes broadly on British identity; nationality, countryside, culture, and travel. He has appeared and presented on top-rated shows with ITV Wales, BBC4, and created a ten-part series for Radio 4, On the Map.

His books are a reflection of his deep passion for British travel. His first book, Map Addict, was a commercial and critical success, quickly followed by The Wild Rover: A Blistering Journey Along Britain’s Footpaths. His new book, On The Red Hill, is a haunting, multi-layered memoir about Mike and his partner and the house they inherited from another gay couple. It is an elegiac account of landscape, community, finding love, and a place to call home.