Ben Frost’s ‘Lockdown Orchestra’ holds inaugural concert online

521 musicians across 6 continents will perform together in a virtual orchestra on YouTube tomorrow, Friday 27th March, at 8pm GMT

A week ago, London based film and theatre composer, Ben Morales Frost put out the call on social media asking for any professional musicians who were currently self isolating to get in touch.

The plan was to create a virtual orchestra by collating recordings of the individual musicians into one piece. In just 2 hours, 80 musicians had signed up. That number now stands at over 500, or 6 times as many musicians as in a regular orchestra!

Ben, along with an expert team of 7 volunteer video and audio editors are working to piece each of the 521 recordings together into one piece of music which will be performed on Friday 27th March at 8pm in a virtual concert hall online.

The piece of music, written by Ben, is called ‘Flight Fantastic’, a joyous and fun piece of music which should help to dispel some of the Nation’s anxiety during these uncertain times.

The musicians each received their pieces on Saturday and had until yesterday to learn and submit their recordings. We now await the inaugural performance of the Lockdown Orchestra which will be available to view on Ben’s YouTube channel.

As a final fun fact, the orchestra contains 116 violins and 91 flutes!