Bettany Hughes on TRT World – Istanbul & Women in History and Documentaries

Bettany Hughes was recently interviewed by The InnerView (TRT World), Turkey’s largest broadcaster, who took a stroll with her around the ancient Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul to discuss why history matters.

Having written the Sunday Times bestselling Istanbul: A Tale of Two Cities, Bettany is an expert on the history of this fascinating city. She provided insight into The Nika Riots, The Fourth Crusade, The Ottoman Rule and more. She also shared the astonishing story of a producer who, in the eighties, tried to deter her from a career in broadcasting, telling her, “no one wants to be lectured by a woman.” These words “lit a fire” in Bettany’s belly, who has made it her life’s mission to create a platform, and give a voice, to women of the past, and women in documentaries worldwide.

To hear more about Bettany’s story and to learn about the rich history of Istanbul, you can watch the full episode here.