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Bettany Hughes’ Seven Wonders of The Ancient World Is An Instant Sunday Times Bestseller

26th Jan, 2024

We have been delighted to see all the excellent press following the release of Bettany Hughes’ latest book: Seven Wonders of The Ancient World. The book, published last week, shot onto the Sunday Times Bestseller list in its first week of publication! It has also been lauded by the Guardian, the News Statesman, the Observer and more. Bettany was described by Stephen Fry as “the most perfect tour guide I know. Her boundless enthusiasm, clarity and learning combined with a matchless gift for storytelling bring the Wonders of the World leapingly alive. A wondrous wonderful achievement.”

The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World is a thrilling, colourful narrative enriched with the latest archaeological discoveries. Bettany Hughes walks through the landscapes of both ancient and modern times. This is a journey whose purpose is to ask why we wonder, why we create, why we choose to remember the wonder of others. She explores traces of the Wonders themselves, and the traces they have left in history. A magisterial work of historical storytelling, The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World reinforces the exciting and nourishing notion that humans can make the impossible happen. 

Congratulations, Bettany!