Books Department Christmas Roundup!

In the hush of winter, white with Christmas snow,

The TSA authors work hard, their talents aglow.

In that busy Soho where dreams take flight,

Our wordsmiths weave magic on these festive nights.

The stage is set, the curtain unfurls,

As gifted authors, their stories whirl.

Their words, like ornaments, adorn the tree,

A gift to the world, a sight to see.

With each turn of phrase, and plot well spun,

The newspapers recognise work well done.

Compliments ring out, sweet like Christmas chimes,

From the Telegraph, Amazon, the FT and The Times.

So raise a toast to the authors so skilled,

Whose words and stories the world have thrilled.

In the glow of Christmas, the papers attest,

The talent of these authors, who deserve some Christmas rest!

We are delighted to have had so many authors appear in roundups of the best books of the year around the world. Congratulations and a very happy new year to the following!:

The Telegraph 

And Finally by Henry Marsh – Best Science and Ideas Books of 2023

The Little Match Girl Strikes Back illustrated by Lauren Child – Best Children’s Books of 2023

Island Of Whispers illustrated by Emily Gravett – Best Children’s Books of 2023

The Slain Birds by Michael Longley – Best Poetry of 2023


Island of Whispers Emily Gravett – Best Books of 2023

The Guardian 

The Ogre Who Wasn’t illustrated by Emily Gravett – Best Children’s Books of 2023

Island of Whispers illustrated by Emily Gravett – Five of the Best Young Adult Books of 2023

The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella – Five of the Best Romance Books of 2023

The Times 

Lindsey Kelk’s Love Me Do – 7 Best Popular Fiction Novels of 2023

A Year in the Kitchen by House & Garden – 16 Best Cookbooks and Food Writing of 2023

Pen Vogler’s Stuffed – 16 Best Cookbooks and Food Writing of 2023

Matthew Parker’s One Fine Day – 25 Best History Books of 2023


Carole Hailey’s The Silence Project – Best 100 Books of the Year 2023

National Book Tokens 

Lindsey Kelk’s The Christmas Wish – 13 Christmas Rom-Coms to Read this Winter

Barnes & Noble 

Steve McCarthy’s The Wilderness – Best Visual Storytelling 2023

BBC History Magazine 

Chris Laoutaris’ Shakespeare’s Book – Book of the Year 

History Today

Matthew Parker’s One Fine Day – Top Book of 2023


Leeanne Slade’s The Rebound – Top 20 Audiobook for Audible 2023.

Sophie Kinsella’s The Burnout – Best Romance of 2023 

Veronica Henry’s 30 Days in Paris – Best Romance of 2023

Amazon US

Amy Chua’s The Golden Gate – Top 20 for Mystery, Thriller and Suspense 

Michael Robotham’s Lying Beside You – Top 20 for New and Continuing Series


Skye McKenna’s Woodwitch – 100 Must Read Children’s Books of 2023

Rakuten Kobo 

Carole Hailey’s The Silence Project – Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of 2023

Paste Magazine 

Sophie Keetch’s Morgan Is My Name – Best Novels of 2023

Intelligence Squared

Jeremy Bowen’s The Making of the Modern Middle East – Twelve Books of Christmas

Historia Magazine

Matthew Park’s One Fine Day – Best Historical Books to Give or Ask For

Alison Weir’s Henry VIII: The Heart and the Crown – Best Historical Books to Give or Ask For 

Library Journal 

Amy Chua’s The Golden Gate – Best Crime Fiction 2023

And a huge number of books were featured in the Waterstones Books of the Year, please see our post here for the full list.