Colin Furze Second Channel- 2 Much ColinFurze reaches 1M subscribers
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Colin Furze’s second channel @2MuchColinFurze reaches 1 million subscribers!

For those who aren’t familiar with Colin Furze, he is an award winning YouTuber with 12.9M+ subscribers and over 1.6 billion views on his main channel. Colin is known for his incredible inventions and world record breaking builds. From a homemade hoverbike and underground bunker to a 360 swing and flame throwing guitar, Colin creates his ingenious inventions from his shed in Stamford. Most recently, Colin has been digging a secret underground tunnel in his back garden. The project has become known across the internet as ‘Terry the tunnel’.

The tunnel project led to the launch of his second YouTube channel, @2MuchColinFurze, in order to give viewers access to additional unseen content, behind the scenes footage and Q&As. In two months, the channel gained a following of over 900K and it has now surpassed its millionth subscriber. The channel has already garnered over 18.4M views and each video has featured in trending on YouTube.

Colin felt it ‘wrong not showing his audience a lot more of the real-time stuff as this project captured the Furze audience like no other’, and so he created a second channel to document the and showcase the progress of the tunnel, while sharing the highs and the lows of the tunnelling process….

We can’t wait to watch this channel grow exponentially as Colin continues to release more Terry the tunnel updates … be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!