Emma Norry and Chris Riddell feature in Empathy Lab’s 2024 Collection

We are proud to share that Emma Norry and Chris Riddell both have work that is being included in Empathy Lab’s 2024 collection of #ReadforEmpathy books.

The books involved in this fantastic campaign are selected by an expert panel for their ability to improve children’s key empathy skills, and also offer rich insights into other people’s feelings and life experiences. Empathy Lab aims to educate children aged 3-11 on the unique skill of empathy to enhance their wellbeing and development.

Chris Riddell’s illustrations feature in Neil Gaiman’s What You Need to Be Warm which is an “extended poem based on thousands of replies to his question ‘What are your memories of being warm?’ It’s a simply beautiful offering of warmth to people who are cold or have had to flee their homes.”

Emma Norry’s Fablehouse is also part of this collection and is lauded for its “profound insights into how children in care feel and the power of friendship.”

A fantastic campaign and we are so glad to see our authors featured.