Horizons wins the 2023 Jerry Bentley Prize in World History from the American Historical Association.

Huge congratulations to James Poskett whose incredible book, Horizons: A Global History of Science has won the Jerry Bentley Prize in World History.

The Bentley prize is awarded annually to the best book in each calendar year in the field of world history – a great achievement.

Horizons is a major retelling of the history of science from 1450 to the present day that explodes the myth that science began in Europe – instead celebrating how scientists from Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific were integral to this very human story. Challenging both the existing narrative and our perceptions of revered individuals, above all this is a celebration of the work of scientists neglected by history. Among many others, we meet Graman Kwasi, the seventeenth-century African botanist who discovered a new cure for malaria, Hantaro Nagaoka, the nineteenth-century Japanese scientist who first described the structure of the atom, and Zhao Zhongyao, the twentieth-century Chinese physicist who discovered antimatter (but whose American colleague received the Nobel prize).

Congratulations again to James for this well deserved award.