Jeremy Bowen Launches ‘The Making of the Modern Middle East’ at Daunt Books

Tonight, we celebrated the launch of Jeremy Bowen’s brand new book, The Making of the Modern Middle East. In this book – in part based on his acclaimed podcast, ‘Our Man in the Middle East’ – Bowen takes us on a journey across the Middle East and through its history. He meets ordinary men and women on the front line, their leaders, whether brutal or benign, and he explores the power games that have so often wreaked devastation on civilian populations as those leaders, whatever their motives, jostle for political, religious and economic control.

The glowing reviews have already been rolling in:
‘An illuminating and riveting read.’ Jonathan Dimbleby
‘This is a wise, compelling, fast-paced book – essential reading if you wish to make sense of the forces that have convulsed the Middle East, as well as unsettling all our lives, since the end of the Cold War.’ Jason Cowley, author of Who Are We Now? and Editor in Chief of The New Statesman
‘If his life-and-death subject matter doesn’t lend itself to jokes, Bowen nonetheless does a nice line in gallows humour. […] He ends with a clarion call to powerful states looking at the region. “Do no more harm. Then try to make things better.” Such is the force of everything that has come before in this excellent, doom-freighted narrative that it is difficult to muster much optimism.’ The Times
Available now online and in all good bookshops.