Kate Mosse, Sophie Keetch and Costas Andriopoulos to speak at London Book Fair!

We just became even more excited for London Book Fair 2023!

Sophie Keetch, Dr Costas Andriopoulos and Kate Mosse are all lined-up to speak at the fair, with Mosse giving the keynote address!.

Keetch, following the success of Morgan Is My Name in audio form, will be discussing the resurgence of retellings of myths and legends and how audiobooks can offer a different perspective on storytelling with her event: Bringing Arthurian legends to life with the Power of Audio.

In Costas’ event – How Not to Be Replaced By a Bot – you can get ahead of technology and learn how authors, publishers, booksellers and the book trade can Stick it to the Man and NOT be replaced by the BOT.

The dates and times of each event are as listed below:

Wednesday 19th

12.45-13.15 – Costas Andriopoulos (How Not to Be replaced By a Bot)

Thursday 20th

10.00-10.45 – Kate Mosse (Keynote Address)

13.00-13.45- Sophie Keetch (Bringing Arthurian legends to life with the Power of Audio)