Maggie Hartley books sell half a million copies

We are so excited to see that Maggie Hartley’s books have now sold half a million copies! Her Sunday-times bestselling works revolve around her own experience as a foster carer for over 20 years.

Maggie Hartley has fostered more than 300 children while being a foster carer. Taking on the children other carers often can’t cope with, Maggie helps children that are deemed ‘unadoptable’ because of their behaviour or the extreme trauma that they’ve been through. She’s looked after refugees, supported children through sexual abuse and violence court cases, cared for teenagers on remand and taught young mums how to parent their newborn babies.

Her most recent book, A Sister’s Shame was published in April 2021 by Seven Dials. Her next book Behind Closed Doors, will be published in January 2022.