Moonlight Riders: The New Magical Series from Linda Chapman

We are so excited to announce today that Hachette Children’s Group have acquired a new series from million-copy selling author Linda Chapman. The Moonlight Riders series, set at Moonlight Stables Riding School, combines reality and fantasy, with elemental ponies who have amazing magical powers. They can create fire, command the wind, control water, and manipulate the earth. However, the ponies can only control their powers with the help of their True Rider. Enter Amara, the adventurous protagonist who soon discovers becoming a True Rider is not so easy. Throughout the series, there are trials and challengers to complete, a stern teacher to impress and nasty Night Riders who want the elemental ponies’ power for themselves.


Moonlight Riders: Fire Horse will be published in paperback on April 14th 2022, with a further three books planned for release over the course of the year, and into 2023.

Linda Chapman has sold millions of copies and written over 250 books including her much loved series as My Secret UnicornStar Friends and Stardust, as well as writing for the Rainbow Magic and Heartland series and being co-author of the New York Times best-selling series Unicorn Academy, along with close friend, Julie Sykes. Moonlight Riders promises to be another exciting celebration of magic and ponies for readers to enjoy.