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Neil Oliver joins GB News

30th Apr, 2021

We are excited to announce that Neil Oliver will be joining GB News. Neil will host a weekly current affairs and interview programme which focusses on the people from all walks of life who make Britain great.

The show will mark a further move towards news commentary for Neil, who is best known as the presenter of many BBC documentary series including A History of Scotland, A History of Ancient Britain, A History of Celtic Britain, Vikings and Coast.

Neil said: “My career has always been driven by my fascination about people, whether it’s trying to understand ancient people through archaeology or living ones through journalism.”

He added: “Debate in this country has been stifled for so long that GB News feels like opening a window and letting in some fresh air, fresh perspectives and fresh voices. I never imagined my career would take this turn but I’m hugely excited that it has.”

GB News will launch on Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, YouView, Freesat, mobile, online and audio later in 2021.