New show presented by Ella Al-Shamahi to start on Channel 4

Archaeologist and explorer Ella Al-Shamahi heads for South America in a brand-new series on Channel 4. The first episode of Jungle Mystery – Lost Kingdoms of the Amazon will air on December 5th at 6.30pm.

Incredible new discoveries are changing everything we knew about one of the world’s wildest regions. In episode one, Ella goes to Brazil and helps discover a huge previously undiscovered ancient settlement. She also joins an indigenous community for whom this past is essential to establishing their land rights today.

Archaeology is shedding new light on the tribes’ oral histories of their once vast civilisations. “The idea that this story of the Amazon is not the story that we think it is blew my mind,” says Al-Shamahi. “History is often told by a group of people and we don’t necessarily listen to indigenous voices.”

There will be 3 one-hour episodes in total – click here for the Channel 4 page.