Onscreen Talent: 2023 Highlights!
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In the whirlwind of 2023, where TikTok tutorials by Gen Z collided with Taylor Swift frenzy, and where we watched Jamie Lee Curtis get an Oscar and Rizz was named Word of the Year- it was nothing short of weird and wonderful. Amongst all this madness, our clients took to conquering charts, award ceremonies and gracing our beloved screens with unparalleled talent…


– Michael Mosely’s podcast Just One Thing was the 2nd most listened to podcast on BBC.

– Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better Live More surpassed 200 million listens.

– India Rakusen’s Listen won Best New Podcast of the Year at the British Podcast Awards, Listen was named as one of the Best Podcasts of 2023 by Amazon, and her podcast Witch was named as one of the Best New Podcasts of 2023

– George the Poet’s Have you Heard George’s Podcast was named as one of the Best Podcasts of 2023 by Amazon.

– Dick and Angel’s Chat…Eau, the new podcast launched across all platforms in November.

Tours and Theatre

– Tim Benzie’s Solve-A-Long Murder She Wrote was a nationwide success!

– Dick and Angel’s Australia and New Zealand tour


– Tim Peake’s Secrets of our Universe Series 1 aired on Channel 5

– Nick Knowle’s Amazing Railway Adventures Series 1 and 2 aired on Channel 5

– Michelle Ogundehin’s Interior Design Masters Series 4 (featuring our very own Sophie Robinson also)!

– Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country Series 3 launched on Channel 4

– Ella Al-Shamahi in Our Changing Planet Series 2 is now available on BBC.

– Fran Scott’s How to Build a Railway launched in collaboration with HS2

– Jaega Wise has featured on multiple shows, including The Food Programme, Steph’s Packed Lunch and Sunday Brunch


– Rangan Chatterjee’s BBC Maestro digital course is out now.

– Colin Furze has been working with brands such as EE, Surfshark and Warframe.

– Tom Scott has been working with brands such as Nord VPN and Surfshark.

– Sarah Beeny has been promoting Affinity Water across social media.

– Sara Kayat has been working with brands such HSF, NHS, Vida Glow and Boots.

– Catie Munnings has been working with the luxury watch brand Zenith, and automotive company Continental.

– Ben Collins has been working with VPN companies Surfshark &Incogni and has also established himself as renowned online eBay seller.

– Eoin Reardon has been working on a collaborating with renowned retailer LIDL and Parkside Tools.