Poetry on a High
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Poems to Fall in Love With, is a new YA anthology of poetry chosen and illustrated by the multi award-winning Chris Riddell, published on National Poetry Day 2019 and features the work of both classic and contemporary authors, including Carol Ann DuffyNeil Gaiman, and Kate Tempest to portray love in all its many guises.


It follows the illustrator’s best-selling anthology, Poems to Live Your Life By, which was published in autumn 2018, and was chosen this year as one of a list of YA titles to be included for the first time in the Recommended National Poetry Day ReadsPoems to Live Yor Life By was also chosen as a ‘Poetry Booksellers Love’ title to celebrate 25 years of National Poetry Day in 2019. As the Independent says, “It shoes how poetry gives meaning to our lives from childhood to old age.”

Chris Riddell, who also helped celebrate the 21st Foyles Young Poets of the Year by drawing illustrations for some of the featured work, is not the only enthusiast in a growing market: Neilsen Bookscan UK reported in 2018 that poetry sales had increased by almost 50% in five years, rising to an all time high of £12.3m.