Reeve and McIntyre featured in The Bookseller’s Autumn Buyer’s Guide

With the publication of The Bookseller’s Autumn Buyer’s Guide, we were delighted to see two publications from Philip Reeve featured in the children’s guide.

Adventuremice: Mice on the Ice, the fourth book in the series with Sarah McIntyre was chosen for the list. It has been described as “guaranteed to warm hearts everywhere”, and we have to agree. David Fickling Books will be publishing the fourth book this October and the previous three instalments are also available now.

Another entry in the children’s guide was given to Utterly Dark and the Tides of Time, the final in Reeve’s captivating Utterly Dark trilogy. It is a return to the sea with “more secrets than […] ever imagined” and will be published by David Fickling Books in September 2023.

Wonderful praise for both adventures! Pre-orders are available for both titles and we cannot wait for readers to enjoy them.