Streamy Award Nominations for Tom Scott and Colin Furze

We are delighted to announce that two Soho Agency digital creators Tom Scott and Colin Furze have been nominated for the 2021 Streamy Awards.

Tom Scott’s channel Tom Scott has been nominated for the Learning and Education Award. Tom’s channel presents science, technology, and interesting curiosities in the world from actual real-world uses for robot dogs to the world’s only drive-through McDonalds. Tom’s second channel Tom Scott Plus, which features collaborations with fellow creators, was launched in September and has already amassed over 380 thousand subscribers.

Colin Furze’s video series DIGGINGA SECRET TUNNEL has earned the nomination for the Documentary Streamy. This series tracks the build of Colin’s epic underground tunnel which connects the bunker, workshop and shed. The project has been years in the making with construction starting in 2018 although being delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Read more about the awards here.

Congratulations to Tom and Colin!