Tim Peake Launches Space: The Human Story With a Trip to the Moon !

Tim Peake’s latest book, Space: The Human Story, has just celebrated its publication with a fantastic launch party that took attendees to the moon! (Well, kind of). The launch took place at Southwark Cathedral where Luke Jerram’s beautiful Museum of the Moon was on display, providing a perfectly apt setting to discuss the book. The launch included Tim in conversation with Kate Humble and a mighty book signing for guests.

Online, Tim teased the book with some fun facts about space: from the usefulness of velcro in zero gravity, to his fondness for maple muffin pancakes whilst in space!

Space: The Human Story is the story of the 628 people who have left planet Earth, tracing the lives of the remarkable men and women who have forged the way for humanity beyond Earth, from Yuri Gagarin to Neil Armstrong, from Valentina Tereshkova to Peggy Whitson.

Full of fascinating insight into our greatest pioneers and unsung heroes, and astonishing detail only an astronaut would know, Tim’s book is the first of its kind to chronicle the human evolution of space exploration over sixty years, from our first forays to now. In the process, Peake reveals what spaceflight is really like: the wondrous view of Earth, the surreal weightlessness, the extraordinary danger, the surprising humdrum, the unexpected humour, the new-found perspective, the years of training, the psychological pressures, the gruelling physical toll, the thrill of launch and the trepidation of re-entry.

You can order Space: The Human Story here.