Tom Scott wins Streamy Award!

We are incredibly pleased to announce that our client, Tom Scott has won the 2022 Streamy Award for Learning and Education! His main YouTube channel, which had been nominated alongside the likes of Veritasium, Casual Geographic, bigweirdworld and Colin and Samir currently has over 5.5 million subscribers, and produces weekly educational content on a range of topics.

His channel being recognized as 2022’s best Educational channel is a gargantuan honour, and a credit to the hard work Tom has put into his content over the years. In 2022 in particular, Tom Scott has released some of his most interesting and innovative videos, from testing how much helium it would take to lift a human to discussing why the US army electrifies the Chicago and Sanitary Ship Canal.

Please join us in congratulating Tom for this tremendous achievement, as we wish him all the best on his renewed efforts for 2023!