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TSA Clients Supporting Ukraine

7th Jun, 2022

Since the Russo-Ukrainian War began on the 24th of February 2022, we’ve been incredibly proud and moved by the work our clients have done to support Ukraine. We wanted to highlight the myriad ways in which our clients have used their skills, talents, and resources to support Ukraine in their time of need.

Illustrator Chris Riddell has done a series of heart-wrenching illustrations capturing the Ukrainian struggle, posted to his sizeable 112k Instagram followers, as below and found here. He also collaborated with high-profile authors and illustrators to launch the nation-wide fundraiser #BrightonDrawNotWar with supporters such as Dame Jacqueline Wilson and Nick Sharratt, and Axel Scheffler.

Renowned Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh joined War Doctor's David Nott in training Ukrainian medics over Zoom, teaching them life-saving skills to treat and ultimately save trauma victims of war. He has written for The Times and The Financial Times about this work and his doctor’s opinion on the war.

BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen has bravely reported from the frontlines in Kyiv and Donbas since March 2022, with a short break in April. He has posted unfiltered photographs and videos of the Ukrainian struggle to his sizeable social media following and written countless articles for the BBC; read here his first-hand summary of the war, as it stood in April.

Illustrator Steve McCarthy launched a pop up art fundraising event in aid of Ukraine charities in March – making and selling artworks for donations to charities such as SCOOP.

BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner has also courageously reported on the war for the BBC on the ground. He has been a regular interviewee on BBC Sounds Ukrainecast, was in Finland on the historic day it joined NATO, and has visited a number of NATO borders to Russia,  most recently NATO’s border with Russia at Narva. 

BBC World Editor John Simpson has been incredibly vocal in his support of Ukraine to his 187k Twitter followers, right from the very beginning of the war. On his brand new BBC2 show, Unspun World, John dedicated the second episode to the war, providing an unvarnished, honest depiction that goes beyond the headlines.

Musician Tom Rosenthal donated and encouraged his 34.7k Twitter followers to donate to the Emergency Ukraine Fund.

Our new agent Louisa Minghella’s clients have joined forces with those booking AirBnBs homes in Kiev so Ukrainian hosts can get the money directly. Amy Mason booked an apartment in Kiev from a single mother in March.

Broadcaster Monty Halls kickstarted an urgent appeal for divers to donate essential kit to refugees from the conflict – waterproof kit, first-aid kits, torches, and batteries. These were then transported by vans into Ukraine. 

Authors Veronica Henry and Alex Brown contributed stories to Love Stories: Ukraine, with 100% of the profits from the anthology given to raise money for the DEC’s Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal.

Wildlife Veterinarian Romain Pizzi hosted a free-of-charge webinar, encouraging donations to support vets in Ukraine. 

Tim Peake has been vocal in encouraging support for charities donating supplies to Ukraine, such as The Parenting Network – who set up a donation hub in Portsmouth.

Dr Sara Kayat and Dr Chris George both lent support on socials to the WHO Foundation Ukraine appeal.

Ben Fogle has been an ambassador and significant fundraiser for Ukraine Aid, who are hand delivering packages to those in need.