Wonderful Reviews for Henry Marsh’s New Memoir

To celebrate the publication of Henry Marsh’s brand new memoir, And Finally, we thought we’d share some of the stellar reviews he has (deservedly) received so far.

‘In the contemplation of death Marsh illuminates the gift of life, rendering it even more precious. And Finally has all the candour, elegance and revelation we’ve come to expect from Marsh. I read it straight through carried along by the force of its prose and the beauty of its ideas. It’s a book to treasure and reread; I’m very grateful for it.’ Gavin Francis, author of ADVENTURES IN HUMAN BEING and SHAPESHIFTERS

‘In this superb meditation on life and death, Henry Marsh tackles the matter of mortality with all his trademark wit, wisdom, grace and humility. He turns his formidable intellect and scalpel-sharp prose on himself as well as the medical profession – with marvellous results. Unflinching, profound and deeply humane, And Finally is magnificent.’  Rachel Clarke, author of DEAR LIFE

‘And Finally is a close and courageous look at the prospect of death by someone who has seen it more clearly and more often than most of us, and who writes with great fluency and grace. Henry Marsh is a great neurosurgeon: he is also a very fine writer. I admire this book enormously.’ Philip Pullman, author of HIS DARK MATERIALS

‘…he’s deeply reflective, the result is a bit like sitting in the pub with the smartest person you know.’ Leyla Sanai, The Spectator

“It is an important message from a wise and warm narrator, and his book will bring comfort to many — and educate doctors (should any have time to read it).” Melanie Reid, The Times

‘In a beautifully written memoir, the surgeon reflects on his cancer diagnosis – and explains why you should exaggerate your pain to doctors. […] The NHS might presently be in crisis, but that is an example of the great phlegmatic British spirit we can all be proud of.’ Steven Poole, The Telegraph

He has also claimed #19 in the Amazon Book charts already. Keep your eyes peeled…