Wonderful Reviews for Pen Vogler’s STUFFED!

We have been thrilled to see fantastic reviews rolling in for Pen Vogler’s wonderful new book, Stuffed: A History of Good Food and Hard Times in BritainStuffed is Pen’s follow up to her bestselling debut Scoff – in this new title, she tells the stories of the food and drink at the centre of social upheavals from prehistory to the present: the medieval inns boosted by the plague; the Enclosures that finished off the celebratory roast goose; the Victorian chemist searching for unadulterated mustard; the post-war supermarkets luring customers with strawberries.

Since publication, Pen has received critical acclaim from the Financial Times, the Observer, and The Sunday Times as well as inspiring a cartoon in Private Eye, the illustrations suggesting the enormous appetite readers have for Pen’s writing. She has recently appeared as a guest on Woman’s Hour to talk about the book and its success.

Here is a little insight into what the critics have to say about Stuffed:

“Born out of impeccable historical research, Stuffed shares the same lightness of touch that made Scoff a best -seller.” – Neil Sowerby (Food, Drink and Travel Writer)

“Pen Vogler is warm, wide company throughout” – History Revealed (Book of the Month)

“Pen Vogler follows up her brilliant study of the role class has played in our food, Scoff, with this ambitious, scholarly history of how our food culture has developed” – The Sunday Times (Book of the Year)

“Ranging around such topics as goose, Christmas pud, salt beef, and sugar, the author serves up food for thought to digest with the turkey, stuffing and mince pies.” – Saga Magazine (Book for Christmas)

A “delightful new book […] a source of colourful tales that anyone can repeat at a debate over dinner” – Financial Times

“This kaleidoscopic history is infused with a light informative tone and is convincingly argued” – Sunday Post Dublin

Stuffed is dusted, metaphorically speaking, all over with icing sugar : a delicious and tempting thing” –  Observer

“An extraordinary book about food, health and power. . . an all-consuming read” – Chris van Tulleken