Colin Furze

YouTube Filmmaker, Presenter, Inventor And Record Breaker
Agent: Carina Rizvi

Colin's YouTube channel,, has over 11 million subscribers and more than 1.2 billion views. Colin has a loyal following over 384k on Instagram and recently placed #10 in The Sunday Times Influencer List 2019.

After leaving school at 16 to pursue a plumbing apprenticeship, Colin now creates amazing inventions and world record beating vehicles from the comfort of his garden shed.

Colin began his film making career as a teen, recording short videos of rides and stunts on his BMX bike, which rapidly progressed to filming fires and explosions. YouTube gave Colin a platform to showcase these films as well as an audience for his wild projects and crazy stunts.

Colin has held the world record for the world’s biggest bonfire [1406m3], longest motorcycle [72ft], fastest mobility scooter [71.59 mph], pram [53.46 mph], toilet [53.25 mph] and bumper car [100.336 mph].

On YouTube Colin is known for his homemade hover bike, underground bunker, Wolverine Claws, his jet bicycle and his ‘safety shirt and tie’ (now looking a little worse for wear!).

He has taken part in online campaigns for a number of major brands, making videos for, among others, Ford, eBay, Google, Activision, Sky, Disney and Walkers.

Colin has appeared on television as part of the build team of Sky 1’s Gadget Geeks, as well as featuring on a number of programmes internationally with his videos and his inventions. He also appeared on an episode of Celebrity Supply Teacher in 2020.

He has also appeared on other online channels including Fast, Furious and Funny and Mr Bean.

Unsurprisingly, Colin is a big fan of Formula One, Moto Grand Prix and BMX.

Colin lives in Stamford with his partner, son and daughter.


11 million subscribers, 1 billion views


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