Alan Gardner

Award-winning Gardener, TV Presenter & Ambassador For The National Autistic Society
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Alan Gardner has been an independent garden designer since 1986, when he left his job at the Birmingham Parks Department. Since then, he has created 40 different Royal Horticultural Society show gardens, earned numerous awards at the Chelsea, and Hampton Court Flower Shows, and won two gold medals at Tatton Park Flower show. He is a gardener by name, and by nature.

Alan also has Asperger’s Syndrome, and in 2016, he presented his first TV series, The Autistic Gardner. The show helped a group of novice gardeners, all of whom were on the autistic spectrum, to create truly sensational garden spaces of their own. He then went on to present The Avant Gardener in 2017, which saw Alan transform large outdoor spaces across the country into bespoke, breath-taking gardens. Through these projects, Alan has curated his skills as a presenter with authority over the subjects he loves.

Since 2015, Alan has been an ambassador for the National Autistic Society, and is committed to curating environments that work for autistic people. He believes that being autistic has helped him become such a skilled gardener, as he has spent a lifetime accumulating knowledge on a specialised subject.

His lifelong passion for gardening, and advocacy for autism awareness make him an incredibly knowledgeable speaker on both of these subjects. Alan is charming, excitable and always ready to give his opinion, finding inspiration for his off the wall designs in everything, from local landscapes, to abandoned bottlecaps. 

Alan’s infectious enthusiasm and charming nature easily captivate audiences who share his passion for gardening, architecture and conceptual art. He is a natural leader and, due to personal experiences, and having spent a considerable time encouraging and mentoring other neurodiverse individuals, is a particularly accessible speaker for an autistic audience. His outlook on life is practical and positive, and Alan’s audiences will leave feeling upbeat and ready to get into the garden!


Adversity, Arts & Culture, Design & Manufacture, Sustainability & Environment

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