Alisha Miranda

Alisha is the ex-CEO and current Chair at I.G. Advisors, an award-winning social impact intelligence agency that consults to the world’s biggest non-profits, companies and foundations on their philanthropy and social impact. She counts among her clients the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation and UN Women. She speaks and writes regularly on women’s empowerment, social impact and sustainability. Alisha also built and launched an app called Not My Style, focused on sustainable fashion and is a proud graduate of Harvard University and the London School of Economics.

Alisha is the author of My What If Year, which was released in February 2023. Detailing her year of unpaid internships in the dream jobs of her childhood, the book follows Alisha on her quest to figure out what might have happened if her life had taken a different path. Alisha has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC News and over 60 regional tv and radio shows and podcasts. My What If Year was named one of People Magazine’s Best New Books, Apple Books’ Most Anticipated Reads, and has been selected by book clubs across the US including Poderistas and WeAllGrow.

Alisha is an engaging and experienced speaker who aims to inspire and motivate workforces with the following messages:

  • Find professional success and happiness by embodying the spirit of the intern: be adaptable, push out of your comfort zone, learn to be ok with failure and never stop learning.
  • Sometimes practical barriers stop us from making change but more often than not the emotional barriers are the sticky ones; these can be addressed with time and care and listening to ourselves to understand where the fear lies.
  • Many of the things we think we are bad at are self-limiting beliefs, not facts. We can expand the limits of what we think our strengths are by trying new things. There is power in being a beginner.
  • Purpose can be sought – and found – at any stage of life and it’s never too late to make changes.
  • Sometimes it’s our definitions of success that need to change – identifying and putting our values front and center is key to that redefining process.

Alisha is a Cuban-American, born and raised in Miami who has spent her adult life in New York and London. She is currently based in Scotland.

Alisha's an engaging, irreverent and hilarious speaker who also inspires others to fulfil their purpose, take leaps, explore and fulfil the dreams they've always had.
Benjamin Hay, Co-founder and COO
Collective Benefits
Alisha brightened up the room. She gave advice about following your passions and provided thoughtful insights. The audience walked away with great ideas of how they could create their own "what if" experiences.
Scottland Jacobson, Director of Talent Development
Russell Investments
Thank you for a very successful event! The room was full and it was an incredibly engaging conversation for the full hour. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
Lindsey Effner, Co-Lead of Women Connect
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation