Chris George

NHS General Practitioner And Lifestyle Blogger

Dr Chris George is a practicing GP and director at the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He is part of an exciting group of medical professionals working to promote an evidence-based approach to wellness. Dr Chris believes health and fitness should be simple and accessible to all.

On social media he shares bitesize lifestyle tips that have earned him a loyal following. He was recently featured in the Evening Standard as an expert to follow for an anti-BS approach to wellness and given the enviable title of ‘one of the smiliest doctors on Instagram’.

Dr Chris is both an excellent speaker and moderator; he recently hosted an expert panel discussion for the popular clothing brand Lulu Lemon on ‘the science behind wellness’, and stars as the on-screen doctor for Austria's Next Top Model. Dr Chris is bilingual and very comfortable presenting in both English and German.

Themes: Health, Medicine, Lifestyle medicine, wellness

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