Dr Gemma Newman

Dr Gemma Newman (also known as The Plant Power Doctor) has worked in medicine for 15 years and is the Senior Partner at a family medical practice. Gemma has worked in many specialities as a doctor including endocrinology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology and psychiatry. She has a specialist interest in holistic health, plant based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. In her practice she has come to understand that body, mind and soul are not separate, and that it is only in addressing the root causes of stress and disconnection that we can truly heal, from the inside out. She is also an advisory board member of Plant Based Health Professionals UK.

She is passionate about the study of psychology and meditation, and uses techniques she has learned to help her patients change their mind-set to facilitate healing. She gives holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle advice to her patients, who have gained tremendous results using the power of their plate. She is regularly invited to teach other doctors and the general public via training programmes, podcasts and conferences about the benefits of plant-based nutrition.

As a broadcaster and writer she has been featured on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky News Sunrise. She has contributed to articles for magazines including Glamour, Zest and Health magazine. She has spoken on many podcasts including The Rich Roll Podcast and the Deliciously Ella podcast, and is passionate about healing of mind, body and planet. Her first book was published in 2021 and her second book Get Well, Stay Well published December 2023.

Can a 10 minute appointment change your life? Gemma knows it can. Her engaging, accessible and inspiring talks aim to empower people to transform their health. Audiences learn how their lives can be changed through plant based nutrition and what they can do to help prevent common diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Gemma helps audiences to explore the links between their mental health and their nutrition and how what we eat can affect our mood. Gemma also offers a plant based myth busting session like no other, arming audiences with a real understanding of the major food groups and their own nutrition.


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