James Fergusson

Award-winning Journalist And Author
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James has written about and reported from both Afghanistan and Pakistan for over 16 years.  A frequent speaker on Islamic affairs on national television and radio, and a regular lecturer on the military circuit, he is a noted expert on the Taliban, having met with numerous senior figures in the Afghan insurgency.

James believes that the West can achieve what it most wants from its mission in Afghanistan: security from attack by Al Qaeda.  However, in order for this to work, the West must first radically alter the way it views the Taliban a movement that, in James's eyes, remains poorly understood even after a decade of Western engagement in the region.

According to James, the same is true of Islam itself more so than ever in light of the Arab Spring.  Islam is not only the second largest religion on the planet after Christianity, but also the fastest growing; indeed, some analysts predict that Muslims will outnumber Christians by 2023.  James argues that as the world becomes more crowded, the West has little choice but to come to an accommodation with Islam an accommodation that can only begin with dialogue based on greater mutual understanding and respect.


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