Scott Walker

Scott Walker is one of the world’s most experienced kidnap for ransom negotiators, having helped resolve over 300 cases and other similar crises such as piracy and cyber extortion attacks.  Scott spent 16 years as a Scotland Yard detective engaged in counter-terrorism and kidnapping operations. He left the police in 2015 to support organisations, government departments and private individuals in negotiating the release of hostages all over the world. His first book, the Sunday Times bestselling Order Out Of Chaos is an indispensable guide to succeeding in negotiations where failure is not an option.

Scott uses his decades of experience to help audiences develop a unique understanding of what makes people think, feel and act and provides tools that cut straight to the most effective ways of communicating, specifically in times of adversity, conflict, and uncertainty. He works with leaders at all levels of an organisation who are keen to enhance their resilience, emotional intelligence and communication skills. He helps companies build a resilient mindset culture and develop engaged, fulfilled, purpose-driven and productive teams.

Key Talking Points:


1. Resilience & Wellbeing

2. Emotional Intelligence

3. Effective Communication

4. Leadership & Decision Making in a Crisis

5. Creating High Performing Teams

6. Crisis Management

A huge thanks to Scott for sharing his insights and making negotiation feel like an exciting journey. I’m excited to put these new skills into practice!
Head of EMEA S&S
I believe the training with Scott Walker will significantly enhance our ability to get results, create better outcomes for clients and positively add to Flippa's core company values.
Commercial Director EMEA
A wonderful talk that was both informative and inspiring. The best speaker we’ve had.
BNP Parinas
Scott’s keynote was excellent. He made a significant impression on the team with lot’s of positive feedback afterwards.
The Delivery Group
The whole evening was a great success. Scott was warmly welcomed by the guests and certainly impressed everyone with his professionalism and presentation.
Huge thanks to Scott for giving us an incredible talk. Great insight on how to be a better communicator with others, and most importantly, with ourselves.
Thank you so much, Scott for your talk. It was an absolute delight – really fascinating. Have had some lovely feedback from attendees.
CIL Management Consultants
Incredible talk on building mental resilience. Amazing!