Tanya Byron

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Specialising In Child & Adolescent Mental Health
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Tanya is a consultant clinical psychologist specialising in child and adolescent mental health. She has an NHS career spanning twenty years working in many areas of mental health. Until 2003 she ran a national NHS beacon-awarded training programme for NHS and Social Care staff on Managing Aggression and Violence in the Professional context. Tanya is a renowned broadcaster and has appeared as a presenter or on-screen expert on a range of shows including Child of Our Time (BBC1), Little Angels (BBC3) and House of Tiny Tearaways (BBC3). She also contributes regularly to a range of programmes on BBC Radio 4 such as All in the Mind.

Tanya co-wrote the popular BBC comedy series The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle (BBC2) with Jennifer Saunders. Tanya is widely published as a writer. As well as a number of successful parenting books, Tanya's acclaimed account of her training as a clinical psychologist, The Skeleton Cupboard, (Pan Macmillan) provides a powerful and moving insight into the lives of ordinary people with an amazing resilience to the challenges of life. Tanya also has a weekly column, Ask Tanya Byron in The Times and a monthly column in Good Housekeeping. Tanya is an independent national and international government adviser on children, young people and the digital media - in 2008 she published The Byron Review: Safer Children in a Digital World and its follow up review Do We have Safer Children in a Digital World (2010) and sat on Lord Carter's Digital Britain advisory board (2009). 

Alongside Claudia Winkleman, Tanya is the co-host of How Did We Get Here? an original podcast series in which Tanya and Claudia identify struggles faced by real-life parents and family members by inviting them in and hearing their story. With topics ranging from parental estrangement, gender identity, domestic violence, trauma, inheriting mental health issues, family dynamics after cancer and raising a severely disabled daughter, How Did We Get Here? is a passionate, insightful and moving experience with clear outcomes to each episode. This podcast doesn’t tell people how to raise their children, or reconnect with family members, rather it helps people understand why, as perfectly competent adults, they can’t put into practice what they know they should do.   

Tanya is an experienced public speaker and regularly gives talks on psychology, education and childcare, drawing on her years of experience as a clinical psychologist. The authority Tanya wields over these current and vitally important topics always impresses audiences. They come away understanding how they can show resilience and in doing so, foster resilience in children. She helps them to understand how our brains work, in particular the developing brain and how we can face the common challenges that children and young people are facing in terms of their mental health and wellbeing. She can also explain what is driving mental health problems in modern society and the best ways in which we - as individuals, employers, parents and educational institutions - can sufficiently support those around us and in our care.


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  • Tanya added real value to the discussion on a very important and serious issue. We've had very positive feedback about the panel from delegates.

    Guy Parker
    Chief Executive, ASA

  • Tanya blew people away with her rapid delivery, passion and insights. People were talking about her contributions right up to the end of the conference and emails continue to fly around!

    Martin Skelton
    International Schools Partnership