Tom Bradby

ITV News At Ten Anchor & Author
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Tom began his reporting career with ITV as Ireland Correspondent more than fifteen years ago, during which time he covered the unfolding peace process and wrote his first novel, Shadow Dancer (Penguin, 1998) which became a major film. As Asia Correspondent from 1999 to 2001, he was shot and seriously wounded whilst covering a riot in Jakarta. Tom followed his recovery with a spell as ITV's Royal Correspondent, before taking up his current post in the summer of 2005. He has since written a number of bestselling novels and a screenplay.  

Tom has had a long, varied (and sometimes painful) career in journalism; from the chaos of Ireland, to the shock of being shot in Jakarta, to the craziness of dealing with the royal family. He has numerous witty and entertaining anecdotes from time spent with various leading figures in today's society, whilst also sharing with the audience shrewd insights in to the workings of our political system.


Arts & Culture, International Affairs, Politics & Current Affairs 

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